Day 1: 100 Days until WSOP + Intro

Day 1: 100 Days until WSOP + Intro

Time to read: 2 minutes

Please read for introductions.

Every June, poker players put their dreams and bankrolls on the line during the World Series of Poker, an unforgiving summer camp for poker enthusiasts.  Most players will conclude the summer with less money and less patience for the game.  The variance of large field MTTs is simply insane. I was no exception last year.

Unlike many of my professional poker friends and poker luminaries (ex. Cate Hall), I didn’t choose poker for the work/life balance or the freedom aspect.  I chose poker because it offered an arena for me to improve and compete.  cate-hall

I play poker pretty much every day and compulsively optimize my life for poker, ex. ketogenic diet, walks, strength training. My typical day looks like: bulletproof coffee breakfast– multi-table online cash game–review and study–walking/gym–cook dinner (farm bought grass-fed ground beef)–eat/watch Sopranos–evening online cash game session–wind down/RIO/Doug Polk youtube.  I hate myself if I played too many hours of live poker or wasted time watching a mediocre movie– undoubtedly a product of my ethnic upbringing.

The start of this blog coincided with the timestamp being 100 days from WSOP and the launch of Doug Polk’s HU Course, which I purchased with the money I won playing 25/50 HU last Friday (when a hostile, local whale challenged me :).  heads-up-nl Both of which motivated me to work harder for the next 100 days as I seek redemption this year in Vegas.  I think writing blog posts will keep me motivated as well as organize my thoughts.  At the very least, I will become more accountable for how I spend my days.  In addition to daily logs, I will share strategy and insights that I’ve picked up from studying, working with solvers and discussion with friends.

Daily log:

  1. Started watching Doug Polk’s HU Mastery Course
  2. Grafton on block betting river using 60% equity as the threshold
  3. Offered my roommate a $200 free roll for every time I eat junk food (broadly defined, ex. too much of a healthy food counts as junk)
  4. Started this blog
  5. Reflected on my 2016
  6. Fasted for 24 hours but did not lift

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