Why did I start this blog?

December 2015, I graduated and began to study/play NLHE every day.  I resolved to make $1 million in 2016. However. In February 2016, on my dream trip to Macao I lost 1/3 of my bankroll playing MTTs and deep stacked 100/200 HKD cash games (bad start).  By September 2016, my credit utilization had climbed to 50% of $110K total available credit from travel and lodging.  On top of all that, I had ballooned by 30 lbs from unhealthy, tilt eating. That’s when I stopped traveling for MTTs. And started focusing on improving my game and playing primarily online cash games. Along the way, I received a LOT of help and coaching from good friends I’ve made from poker. I’ve also known many people who had to stop playing poker because they busted the bankroll and didn’t get the help they needed.  I’m starting the blog because I feel fortunate for all the help I’ve received and I would like to share what I’ve learned.

What is the purpose of Poker Hacking?

  1. Keep myself accountable/productive (and self-amuse)
  2. Share solid insights and strategy freely
  3. Improve from high quality, constructive feedback

What information does the blog share?

Daily logs – I personally would enjoy following another player’s daily log for motivation and comparison.  Ex. Field reports by pick up artists (PUA)

Strategy – ex. How Paul Volpe Exploits You Pre-flop by 5betting in MTTs? (Read) I will share what I’ve learned through studying and experience.

Tips – ex. Packing List for Tournament Travel, Optimizing Diet for MTTs… Random helpful tidbits.

What is my background (Feb 2017)?

I’m a small winner/break even in the stakes I play though I was able to move up quite quickly. I started playing 1/3 and 2/5 live.  Now I primarily play online 6max ante games on a foreign network with stakes ranging from (4/8 to 15/30 NL). For live, I play 5/10 and 10/25 full ring and when available 25/50.  For MTTs, I try to only play locally and travel for ones where I calculate my hourly to be greater than $300.  In all formats, I’m a bum-hunter. Hourly is too low to play in reggy games and I feel more efficient reviewing and studying away from the table.


Pick hobbies/professions that I enjoy.  Get very good but not legendary.  Repeat.

Why is my identity hidden?

I want the focus and feedback to be on the content.

Why 365 days?

“Most people overestimate what they can do in one year.” – Tim Ferriss

// This quote certainly rings true in my financial estimation for 2016, though I’ve made big improvements on my game.  I hope that I can prove Tim wrong by working hard in 2017.  Also, I find that I’m most efficient facing a countdown timer.